Why reinstall Windows?

Below is a list of reasons why you would need to reinstall Windows on your computer

If you have used a computer for any length of time you would have noticed that Windows will gradually slow down. This happens to all versions of Windows from the first version of called Windows 95 – to the latest and last Windows10.

Although you can speed up your computer by other means such as following my guide: Speed up my computer Sometimes it best and faster to backup and reinstall Windows.

  • Computer bogged down with old programs
  • Computer infected with Viruses or with Malware
  • Upgrade to newer version of Windows
  • Downgrade to older version of – Lots of Windows 8 users do this!
  • Computer is bogged down with remnants of too many old programs
  • Accidentally trashed a system file
  • OS conflicts on dual-boot systems
  • A Hard disk failure

Before you start reinstalling Windows

Reinstalling Windows can be a daunting task. If you think its the best option for you I suggest you consider taking the following steps before you start reinstalling Windows:

  • Backup your data - You should be doing this regularly, but make sure you've got a copy of your documents, emails, favourites, pictures, music and videos.
  • Make a note of your email settings and other settings in programs or apps.
  • Gather together all the licence agreements, serial numbers and other codes you might need to reinstall software.
  • Third party programs and software - You will need to reinstall any additional programs and software you've installed on your computer
  • Make a list and download your computer drivers in advance, if Windows doesn't automatically install all your drivers you have to do it yourself.

A note on Backing up

Having a backup of your data is the most important thing you need to consider before reinstalling your computer. If your computer is not damaged then you can take a backup of your data before you start. If however, your computer is corrupted with a virus or the hard disk is damaged, all is not lost as you can still recover your data but its best to remove the drive and use another computer to copy the data,(Don’t transfer the virus of course!) then reinstall Windows on a new hard disk.