Double the speed of your computer

Yes you read that right, I will explain how you can make your computer run twice as fast. That includes Macs and Laptops.

The slowest part of your computer is the hard drive. The reason for this is because it is a mechanical device. It resembles a record player but with many records being played all at once. But they are still slow and inefficient at reading and writing information. What is more, it takes a lot of power and will wear out.

So how can you double the speed of your computer? Install a SSD.

What is an SSD?

SSD stands for solid-state drive. In essence its like a USB flash drive, but on a bigger, much faster scale. Unlike a traditional mechanical hard disk, an SSD has no moving parts. Storage is provided by memory chips instead of spinning magnetic platters.

SSD are now affordable and are by far the best upgrade for your computer.

Advantages of a SSD

SSD prices

So next time you consider upgrading or repairing your computer. Consider fitting a Solid State drive that will turn your old and tired computer into a Super Computer!

£260 is much cheaper than buying a new computer that wont be as fast!!


If you want to have a large disk but also want the speed of SSD you can buy a device called Solid State Hybrid drive. They are much cheaper than SSDs and can be much faster than Hard drives. Contact me for more details